Membership Application 2018
Membership Fee: $70
Family membership: $70 + $30 per additional family member 
Life Members: $50

Membership fees include insurance & club t-shirt. You must be fully paid by March, since the fee covers your insurance!!

The club year runs from February through November, typically the second Sunday of each month. We alternate events between South and North of the coast. Check our facebook page for details of events.

There is a $5 comp fee each month, which covers the cost of a BBQ and raffle.

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RELEASE: I hereby release Central Coast Malibu Boardriders Inc, the committee and all sponsors from any liability for damages or injury incurred during this event and agree to accept all decisions made by the competition organisers. Members under 18 years must have the full consent of their Parent or Guardian.

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Payment methods:

Electronic Bank Transfer:
BSB 633-000 Acc #: 115152456
Mail: mail payment to: PO Box 4299 East Gosford NSW 2250
In Person: you can pay on the day

Thanks {{answer_41440425}}. Hope to see you at the next club day!

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